Devyce - Heavy Southern Groove Metal

Devyce, original heavy groove rock written and performed by 4 talented individuals, each with their own style. The old saying of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts", rang very true with Devyce. Each member had their own unique musical personality, but the 4 members together created a nearly unstoppable force to be reckoned with on the heavy music scene from 2002 until the end of 2003.  But that force stopped and exited the North Carolina scene just as quick as the band busted into the scene.  Many have questioned "why"...   well here's a short synopsis of the band's history and why things happened the way that they did.

The Origin
Devyce - Glen Stewart, Jeff Hodges, Dustin Askew, Josh CollierDevyce was formed from the ashes of Deadstroke, a prominent band in the local NC scene, which split up in mid-2000. Deadstroke members Dustin Askew & Jeff Hodges brought in Glen Stewart & Josh Collier to form a brand new lineup. Glen was fresh out of another prominent local band, Strangelust... while Josh came in new to the whole music scene. Dustin already had rewritten nearly an album's worth of material with new arrangements & lyrics, and the band also worked on brand new music to showcase the talents of each member involved. The band released their 6 song debut EP "Slowers" in May of 2002, and the disc has moved over 500 copies since. After establishing the band's sound and getting the Devyce name out with shows at various venues within the North Carolina area, drummer Jeff Hodges left the lineup. Jeff's commitment to another band in the local scene (6x9) kept him from fully focusing on Devyce. The band's drive to succeed would not be denied however and they were about to embark on an intense search for a suitable replacement drummer.
The Rise
Devyce - Glen Stewart, Robbie Mercer, Gary Fultz, Dustin AskewThat intense search never got started. One of the first few phone calls that the band made was to a very highly regarded technical drummer by the name of Robbie Mercer. Robbie had cut his teeth playing in numerous speed, thrash, & death metal bands within the North Carolina area such as Grimlock, Nocturnal Fear, Ascendancy, and others. The audition was setup and Robbie Mercer was quickly offered the opportunity to join Devyce.

Shortly after the band was back out on the local NC club circuit in late 2002... differences within the band surfaced and original vocalist Josh Collier bowed out of the lineup.  The band quickly auditioned new frontmen to fill the vacant vocalist spot and that voice was found in Gary Fultz, from Goldsboro NC. Gary brought years of experience to the band coming from some of the top metal bands in the Florida area.  Gary was also a very good public relations manager and quickly started booking the band throughout the North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia areas.
The "Blessed Hellride"
Devyce At The Lincoln Theatre In Raleigh NCOver the next 9 months from March to November of 2003, Devyce went on to play more than 50 shows throughout the states of NC, SC & VA.  It was not uncommon for the band to play one Friday night deep in South Carolina and then trek 6 hours or more for a show in another state on Saturday night.  The band went on to open shows for such national acts as Memento, Throttlerod , Switched & NonPoint.  Some of the most memorable times during this period came from the friendships that the band either had or created with other regional acts such as Non-Theory, Automag, Spade, Sorrow Valley, Sourmouth, 6x9, Aggression Therapy, Deleveled, and numerous others.  If the constant touring wasn't enough, the band also began recording a full length 13 song album.  Devyce also received a sponsorship from Jagermeister, which was reserved for hard working & hard touring local & regional acts.  From the outside, it seemed that things were really picking up for the band... 
The Fall
So why would a band who looked to be on the verge of taking it to the next level just crumble seemingly overnight?  The "Hellride" mentioned in the previous paragraph pretty much explains it all.  Factor in members of the band working full-time jobs over 40 hours per week, then jumping in a van with no AC on Friday afternoon and not getting any sleep or rest until that van came back home on Sunday evening.  On top of that the band was working hard on a CD during every other free minute.  The band basically spent 9 months away from home, friends & family and somewhere along that line the passion for the music changed.  When you stay gone each weekend in a different club, you learn things about the regional scene that you didn't really know existed.  The constant partying, the backstabbing bullshit amongst clubs & other bands, and the inner troubles that are naturally created when 4 guys spend a bit too much time around each other had all taken its toll.  Devyce played its final show at home at The 19th Hole in Rocky Mount, NC to a killer crowd response in which few people knew that it was the last time they would ever see the band in a live setting again.
The Aftermath
Will there ever be another Devyce show???  All we can say is possibly...  Currently each member of Devyce is involved in other projects, but the possibility still exists for either a few reunion shows or even a full reformation of the lineup.  We'll let you know when (and if) it ever happens.  The other question that gets asked to us is, "What about the CD?"...   well its basically ready to go and if the band ever returns, a full length CD will be in hand.

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